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Before we dive into the why and how of using Github and Git and how both work together,  Let me explain what version control is . Meanwhile you can checkout how to become a software engineer in less than six months

Version Control:

In a not-too-techy way, this can be defined as a way to build up an application version by version, and bits by bits.

To further explain, what tools like Git and Github do, is to help software engineers control and take note of the application state as they build. For example, say you are building a website that would require users to sign up, first, you build out the website homepage, you would then push that code using Git Bash terminal to Github, Github holds your source code. As you push the home page code, you could decide to test the functionality of the code, (I will explain testing in a later tutorial). That homepage code is a ‘version’ of your full application. Then you build out the signup form, you push that code, then you test again, making sure the form code doesn’t break your application. The form code is another version, which you would join with the previous homepage version when you ‘merge’ the form code to the homepage code.

Now that you know what version control is and how Git and Github help you push and maintain your source code, let’s understand why you need to use the version controlling tools.


  • Ensures projects are built faster, because you can easily collaborate
  • Helps making code maintenance easy, as it provides a easy documentation via README
  • It gives you the power to test, ensuring code you push to Github don’t break the initial codes on Github
  • I personally would not enjoy working with a software engineer with no idea on version control.

Stay tuned for my post on how to use Git and Github. Until then…


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